Halcyon Solutions is an independent company specialising in the sale of instrumentation, monitoring equipment and systems to UK industry, with a bias towards the environmental agencies, drainage boards, PLC water companies and industrial users/dischargers of both clean and dirty water.

As an independent company high emphasis is placed on providing the right equipment and cost effective solutions to given applications using reliable and proven equipment.

All products and systems promoted are backed by companies who believe in customer care, support and back up, with genuine prompt after sales service.

Halcyon Solutions is the sole authorised distributor of Observator Instruments Pty Ltd’s RIMCO range of Meteorological Products in the UK and Ireland, including all of their Tipping Bucket Raingauge products.

Products, Systems and Services

Amateur Radio - New! 23cms Down Converter to 2cm
Rain Gauges - Tipping Bucket and Daily
Shaft Encoders & Systems
Automatic Water Samplers
Borehole and Groundwater Data Loggers
DipTape Meters
Air and Water Temperature Probes
Telemetry Master Stations and Outstations
Transducers and Transmitters
Meteorological Instruments and Weather Stations
Data Loggers
GRP Kiosks, Flumes and Weirs
Glass Measures

 Halcyon Solutions, Halcyon, Lawday Link, Upper Hale, Farnham, Surrey. GU9 0BS. t. 01252 715765